Our Team

Kevin Giriunas
Creative, problem solver with experience as a Project Manager and Scrum Master. Received master degree for Structural Engineering, became an Engineer-In-Training (EIT), and entered the world of IT consulting. Now the founder of Advent Coworking > a creative coworking space focused on creating an environment where members are productive, grow, and collaborate. Lover of the arts, mountain biking, and music.
Erin Breeden
Chief Relations Officer
A free spirit with a wild heart, Erin couldn’t find the job of dreams, so she created it for herself. She owns her own content business where she works with clients on all of their copy needs, and she writes for local, regional and national publications. She is also currently the editor of Carolina Bride, a digital publication. Erin is passionate about cultivating a community for creatives and entrepreneurs, and is thrilled to be the Chief Relations Officer at Advent Coworking.
Sam Poler
Member Experience Manager
Sam is a Charlotte native and active community member. They organize against racial inequity at their Temple, play trumpet in the Charlotte Pride Band, and grow food with the gardening collective Angelou House. When not at Advent you can find them somewhere outside or playing with their kitten Scorpion George. Sam's pronouns are they, them, and theirs
Roketa Dumas
Community Manager
Originally from Brunswick, Maine, Roketa spent several years working in the IT department (performing accounting tasks) of a Charlotte-based automotive retailing headquarters prior to taking on her true passion of writing. When she's not chatting it up with members, touring soon to be members, and thinking up ways to better meet the needs of both, she's creating content for her blog, Socially Acquainted. She's beyond elated to be a part of the Advent Coworking community, as the Community Manager, and can't wait to see our community continue to blossom.
Charlotte Laun
Operations Director
As Advent's Operations Director, Charlotte is our boots on the ground for any member needs. On any given day, you can find her wrangling snakes, putting out fires, or hammering down walls. It's up to you to decide which of those is metaphorical. An anthropologist by training, she is fascinated by the ways diverse groups build systems of collaboration, and she thinks Advent is the perfect success story!
James Funderburk
James Funderburk's passion is creating community around design that inspires and creates human interaction. He has designed, built and owned business that are notable for the experiences that happen around them from his nightclubs like Tonic to his clothing boutiques such as Urban Evolution and the first LEED certified neighborhood in the Southeast, Celadon. James current passion is working toward a more equitable society with a focus on affordable housing. James and his husband Jim travel the world letting it inspire and incite them.
Jim Hock
As a third-generation Charlottean, Jim has a passion for helping his hometown become a place where everyone has access to opportunity. From an early career in energy and banking Jim became a sustainable developer and created Celadon, the region's first LEED-certified Neighborhood Development. Jim also served on the board of Sustain Charlotte in it's initial years. With his company, The Home Collection Furnished Residences, Jim enjoys sharing all that Charlotte's in-town neighborhoods have to offer.

Board of Advisors

Brian Formato
David Frost
John Love
Jennifer Roberts
Christina Todd