TechTalks on Finding the Right CTO or Tech Co-founder

There are now more tech startups than ever and, as a result, hiring great tech talent has become more and more challenging. Join us for a lunch & learn to discuss how to find and hire a perfect technical co-founder/CTO for your company. Designed for startups as well as more advanced-stage companies, this interactive talk will review the many roles of a startup CTO, help you understand why you need a CTO even if you have a developer, explain what to look for if you decide to hire a remote CTO and give you an idea about what’s needed to attract top tech talent to your startup.

Our next Tech Talk at Advent Coworking is a great opportunity for startups right here in Charlotte to learn more about the CTO role requirements and find out how to increase your chances of finding a perfect CTO or tech partner for your startup. This event will happen on May 21 at 12 p.m. Speakers TBD. The event is free and lunch will be provided. But space is limited, so register today!


About TechTalks:

TechTalks series is a chance for you to improve your knowledge regarding new technology and technology-related issues. Brought by RMCSoft and Advent Coworking, TechTalks target tech startups as well as all other companies utilizing software & digital products in their day-to-day operations.

We cover a wide variety of tech-related topics, offer valuable insights on the best practices, discuss the most common issues, review the tech trends and provide plenty of opportunities to enhance your tech knowledge.

TechTalks one-time and annual sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact us at [email protected] if you'd like a spotlight in exchange for a small contribution.