Triple Threat Panel - Creativty & Business Triple Threat Panel - Creativity & Business

Lunch Provided
Friday, May 17, 12-1pm
Advent Coworking - CPCC Event Space

Come join us at May's Triple Threat Panel as our expert panelists John W. Love, Jr. (Interdisciplinary Artist), Amy Williams of Amy Williams Wellness, and Quintel Gwinn of Quin Gwinn Studio share their wisdom and experience on creativity and business.

The panel will be moderated by Kevin Giriunas of Advent Coworking

Special thank you to our sponsor, Plaza Midwood Dentistry, for providing lunch, Mike Barugel of FYT Virtual Assistants for supporting us with logistics, and Lisa Speer of Speer Creative Edge for creating.

The Triple Threat Panel is a monthly panel that explores different topics to help Advent members and guests broaden their knowledge, skills and connections! If you're interested in sponsoring a panel please contact us at [email protected]

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